In-Depth Five Element Constitution Quiz

You came here to express YOUR unique, energetic imprint in this world

Knowing this gives you the awareness of and confidence in living aligned with your true self.

Dive in and explore your constitution more deeply, especially if you are unsure or have close ties when you took our Free Five Element Quiz

This quiz has double the questions so you can look more closely at how the elements present in you and in your life.

We have more questions to guide you a little deeper and into the heart of your true nature, as well as very specific guidance as to how to nourish these elements within you. Practices unique to uplifting your energy or calming it down, foods to incorporate into your diet, as well as herbs and supplements to consider. The In-Depth Quiz will also look at your Archetype, and give you career and relationship ideas for a more harmonious life that feels true and authentic to you.

Here's What You Will Get

  • A summary about what your element says about you

  • The best way to nourish your element

  • The season your element is drawn to

  • The organs associated with your element

  • Food, herbs, & tastes your element craves

  • What balance and imbalance may feel like for you

  • Situations in which your element thrives and struggles

  • Vulnerable and flourishing times

  • Your Archetype

  • How to achieve balance

  • What your element says about your ideal partner