Mindi K. Counts, MA, LAc.

My Personal Mission

I am here to move and shake and speak about the things that are most dear to me. I care a lot about this world and the people, plants, and animals in it. I long to live in a time where there is awareness of our inherent connection to Mother Earth as well as a felt sense of global community that permeates all we do, think, and feel.

As an author, speaker, and storyteller, I have chosen to use language as my resource for soul-level discovery and as a bridge, connecting you and me.

My desire in sharing stories, reflections, and healing guidance is that if it speaks to you, may it become a gift to this world by reducing shame, creating more connection and compassion, all the while restoring hope in a world where that can sometimes be our greatest challenge.

You see, you are a gift. May you know this in your bones when you and I collide, whether it be through the words in my book, in the treatment room, or in the classroom.

As a practitioner, I co-founded the Inner Ocean Center for Healing where we offer a truly holistic vision for healthcare and put into practice a genuine love for humanity and eagerness to support healing, anywhere and everywhere possible. Our center is located in the foothills of Colorado and you are welcome to come visit anytime.

In addition to private practice, I founded a nonprofit, the Inner Ocean Empowerment Project focused on giving the gift of healing and education to the people and in the communities that need it the most. As such, I have been traveling off and on since 2013, drinking up the wisdom of the world, all the while being of deep service in impoverished, indigenous communities.

As a leader and guide, I bring small communities of wisdom-seekers with me as we are taken on a journey of inner and outer discovery. We have the opportunity to offer the unique medicines that each one of us carries and to receive deep connection and awareness of the native communities we serve.

If any or all of this gets you excited, please reach out. I want to support you in any way that I can.

Much love and wild blessings to you.


Mindi K. Counts, MA, LAc.

My Professional Bio

Mindi K. Counts, MA, LAc., is an integrative medical practitioner and Five-Element acupuncturist.  Founder of the Inner Ocean Center for Healing, Mindi is a keynote speaker, retreat leader and teacher. She is the author of Everyday Chinese Medicine and a contributing author to the Trauma Toolkit and Singing Our Heart’s Song.

She is the founder of the international nonprofit Inner Ocean Empowerment Project, providing holistic healthcare and education through volunteer service missions to under-served populations around the world and in the U.S. She was featured in Dr. Oz’s The Good Life magazine for her work in Indian slum communities, Burmese refugee clinics and earthquake-ravaged areas of Nepal.

Mindi is a graduate of Naropa University’s Contemplative Psychology program and holds a Masters degree in Classical Acupuncture from the Institute of Taoist Education and Acupuncture. She lives with her family and rescued pit bulls in the foothills of Colorado.

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