Recipe for Late Summer: Basic Soup and Stew

Welcome to the season of Late Summer and the Earth element – where our digestive system is at the forefront of support and soups and stews are often found on the stovetops! This season calls in centering, grounding, and finding balance between the yang energy of summer and the yin energy of fall, and is […]

Recipe for Summer: Digestive Bitters

When you hear digestive bitters, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Something gross, right? In the Western culture, we rarely incorporate anything bitter (or even sour for that matter) into our foods because our diets are hyper-focused on salty, sweet, and a dash of pungent. In Chinese medicine, however, bitter flavors go straight […]

Treating Our Children with Chinese Medicine

by John Winternitz, MA, LAc., Pediatric Acupuncturist Did you know that children can benefit from acupuncture and Chinese medicine? In fact, children often respond to acupuncture and herbal medicine more rapidly than adults and we can resolve most issues with only a few treatments! I mean, how great would it be for your kid to […]

Moxa and The Ancient Healing Art and Practice of Moxibustion

I often get asked the question, “what is that stuff you are burning? and how does it help me?” So, what is moxa? That amazing healing plant we are burning is called moxa and it has been used for thousands of years to promote healing, warmth, and as a longevity practice in ancient China. It […]

Microbiome Health Builds Resilience

Now I know you all keep hearing me talk about this very interesting concept called the Microbiome. But what the heck is it and what does it say about you, your health, and resilience? It is YOUR unique ecosystem made up of all of your microbes! I mean, I know you think you are an […]

The Truth About Probiotics and Your Gut Health

Want to know the truth about Probiotics? The gut is EVERYTHING. In fact, it’s been called the “Third Brain” and it’s the home to our very important and necessary immune system. It’s so important that the FDA is finally deciding to put some money into studying what is now called: the Microbiome. This is a […]

Antibiotics, Miraculous or Malicious? What’s Really in Them?

I recently had some dental work done that ended up becoming quite complicated and in the end, requiring several more appointments than I had anticipated. And on the evening after my final appointment I felt that dreaded cheek swelling and throbbing pain that we all fear is indicative of an infection. I treated it naturally […]