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Springtime Cleansing 101

Join me this season for a gentle, guided, and personalized cleanse this April. We will spend focused time tending and clearing out the old so that we can make space in your body, mind, and spirit for the new. Each week we will focus on one detoxification pathway in your body, learning to listen to its health or imbalance, and to troubleshoot with foods, herbs, and practices. You will receive personalized guidance on how to cleanse and repair each of these pathways so you feel refreshed, reset, and ready for the next chapter of your life. Classes are held for four weeks, every Saturday from 10:00am-11:00am via Zoom, April 1st through April 22nd.

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Meet The Author

Mindi K. Counts, MA, LAc., is an integrative medical practitioner and Five-Element acupuncturist. Co-founder of the Inner Ocean Center for Healing, Mindi is a keynote speaker, retreat leader and teacher. She is a contributing author to the Trauma Toolkit and Singing Our Heart’s Song.