The COVID-19 Vaccine: A Chinese Medicine Perspective

The COVID-19 vaccine has generated quite the conversation in the media, politics, scientific community, and within our homes. From questioning if the vaccine is safe, the motivations behind the passing of protocols, and if one would experience potential side effects – it would make sense if you were feeling overwhelmed and in analysis paralysis of […]

Moxa and The Ancient Healing Art and Practice of Moxibustion

I often get asked the question, “what is that stuff you are burning? and how does it help me?” So, what is moxa? That amazing healing plant we are burning is called moxa and it has been used for thousands of years to promote healing, warmth, and as a longevity practice in ancient China. It […]

The Truth About Probiotics and Your Gut Health

Want to know the truth about Probiotics? The gut is EVERYTHING. In fact, it’s been called the “Third Brain” and it’s the home to our very important and necessary immune system. It’s so important that the FDA is finally deciding to put some money into studying what is now called: the Microbiome. This is a […]