Building Immune Strength

We are transitioning now here in Colorado at the end of Fall and beginning the dance of Winter. Following a few inches of snow, we find ourselves approaching another weekend with nearly 70 degree temperatures! Because of this dance, we often try to keep up our summer pace (which is fast, way too fast if […]


Acupuncture and Weight Loss

Acupuncture and Weight Loss Weight is a hot topic these days and being skinny is what everyone seems to be striving for! Just open any magazine on the shelf and you are likely going to find a promotion for a magic pill that claims to help you lose weight! Unfortunately, mainstream media has set a […]

Stress and Your Health

Work, deadlines, finances, family, death/loss, medical problems, you name it – it creates stress. Nearly everyone who enters my office is dealing with some degree of stress. In fact, “toxic stress” is becoming a more common Western diagnosis than ever before. This term began getting used by psychologists who were working with children growing up […]